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ROADTRIP: Discovering Weird and Wonderful Places

roadtripshelba12-year-old Kaylee and 8-year-old Jimmy invite you along on their adventure of a lifetime – a trip through every state in the United States of America. There’s a house only ten feet wide.  And a tree house towering ten stories tall.  And did you know there’s a place where you can dig for diamonds or watch mud puddles boil?

At the end of the book, questions and activities add to the fun.

No suitcases needed.  Just sit back, open this book, and explore the weird and wonderful places in the USA from the comfort of your favorite chair.  Happy traveling!

This 118-page travelogue (8½” x 11″) for grade-schoolers has interesting facts and over 400 captivating color photos taken throughout our beautiful 50 states.



“This fun-for-all-ages book is a road trip to all fifty states told through the eyes of a twelve-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy. Each state includes comments from both kids as well as short bits of travelogue information, fun facts about each state, and excellent photos of many unusual and off-the-beaten-path attractions.”

               – Kristi Holl, award-winning author of 42 books for children, two nonfiction books for writers,                            and over 150 stories and articles for children and adults


“This exciting journey through the United States will make the reader wish for their own roadtrip to see these and other weird and wonderful places. The author has filled a niche that is different from other books.”

              – Connie Best, media specialist/librarian for twenty-nine years


“The displays, layouts, photographs and illustrations demonstrate a rich appreciation for the unique and diverse characteristics of each state. Roadtrip is both well-written and researched and provides any tourist a comprehensive collection of sites and locations that are sure to be on the itinerary list of ‘can’t miss’ sites-to-visit. Travelers [or armchair travelers] will want to add Roadtrip to their book list.”

           – Thomas J. Downs, Executive Director of the Iowa Association of School Boards

 A look inside at pages 6-7: 


stinkyfeetshelbaSTINKY FEET

Lizzy is excited about school starting until Alexander begins calling her “Stinky Feet Lizzy” and other names.

How does Lizzy feel and what does she do?

Why would Alexander treat Lizzy, or anyone else, this way?

What can we do about the problem of bullying in our schools and playgrounds?

Lizzy discovers one answer.

This 38-page (8” x 10”) children’s fiction addresses the problem of bullying.

**Note from the author:

Bullying is hurtful and unacceptable. Children often need help learning how to stand up to bullies for themselves and others. But while attention is given to the victims of bullying, let us not forget about the bullies. Helping them discover the underlying reason for their behavior may be the first step toward a positive solution.

Parents and teachers will find Stinky Feet a useful tool for opening a conversation on the subject with their children and students.